How to send Ether with ethers.js

Hideyoshi Moriya
1 min readJul 2, 2021


An example code to send Ether from one wallet to another wallet with ethers.js.

In this example code, 0.01 ether is send from 0xb985d345c4bb8121cE2d18583b2a28e98D56d04b to 0xF02c1c8e6114b1Dbe8937a39260b5b0a374432bB.

// import ethers.js
const ethers = require('ethers')
// network: using the Rinkeby testnet
let network = 'rinkeby'
// provider: Infura or Etherscan will be automatically chosen
let provider = ethers.getDefaultProvider(network)
// Sender private key:
// correspondence address 0xb985d345c4bb8121cE2d18583b2a28e98D56d04b
let privateKey = '0x49723865a8ab41e5e8081839e33dff15ab6b0125ba3acc82c25df64e8a8668f5'
// Create a wallet instance
let wallet = new ethers.Wallet(privateKey, provider)
// Receiver Address which receives Ether
let receiverAddress = '0xF02c1c8e6114b1Dbe8937a39260b5b0a374432bB'
// Ether amount to send
let amountInEther = '0.01'
// Create a transaction object
let tx = {
to: receiverAddress,
// Convert currency unit from ether to wei
value: ethers.utils.parseEther(amountInEther)
// Send a transaction
.then((txObj) => {
console.log('txHash', txObj.hash)
// => 0x9c172314a693b94853b49dc057cf1cb8e529f29ce0272f451eea8f5741aa9b58
// A transaction result can be checked in a etherscan with a transaction hash which can be obtained here.

Actual transaction sent by the code above:


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