How to write constructor in Solidity version 0.4.22 and above.

Up to Solidity 0.4.21

  • Up to Solidity 0.4.21, constructor can be defined by the same name of its contract name.
  • However, this can possibly cause unintended bugs when contracts are renamed and their constructors are not renamed.
  • In Solidity, “contract” is almost the same as “class” in ordinal programming language.
  • A constructor name should be defined as the function which has the same name of the contract name “Piyo”.

Solidity 0.4.22 and above

  • Use a constructor keyword and create an anonymous function
  • Not function constructor(args) {...} but constructor (args) {...} .
  • A constructor should be defined by using aconstructor keyword.


  • In solidity version 0.4.22, a constructor can be defined with both the new and old way.
  • However, one of them can be used. This is possible to cause unintended bugs. In my experiment, a constructor which is called first is used.
  • This issue has been fixed in Solidity 0.4.23.


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